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Plain Legal Language (kinda more for lawyers
 ... and also anyone who writes for the public)

What lawyers do most of all is write.  Yet of all writing, legal writing has an unenviable reputation.  Complaints about lawyers often involve poor communication and legal writing has been the butt of jokes for centuries. 


“There are two things wrong with almost all legal writing. One is its style.  The other is its content."  (Rodell)


We consult on the use of clear, plain legal writing, the why and the how. 


Clear legal documents are about respect: both for the law and for the people using them.


  “Absence of clarity … is destructive of the rule of law; it is unfair to those who wish to preserve the rule of law; it encourages those who wish to undermine it”.  (Lord Diplock)

Services include:
  • Drafting

  • Editing

  • Writing

  • Teaching / Traning

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