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Markster - a tracking and management platform for trademarks is useful for IP firms

Author: Judith Bennett Date: LIJ November 2022


  • What is legal tech? Trademark management platform

  • What type of technology? Web based platform

  • Vendor Markster Pty Ltd

  • Country of origin Australia

  • Similar tech Products webtms (docking software)

  • Non-tech alternatives Spreadsheets, lawyers

  • More information

Which practitioners would find this useful?

Markster is designed to assist inhouse legal teams and law firms working with trademarks. These includes corporate, entertainment/media and intellectual property firms.

What is it?

Markster is a one-stop shop for trademarks. It helps clients easily and effectively track and manage this category of intellectual property rights, anywhere, anytime. The Markster platform provides transparency and oversight of trademark portfolios with automated updating, real time global information as well as easier management, reduced risk and greater client access.


Markster was co-founded by Kate McAlister and partners two years ago. They were motivated by their experiences in big law firms and as inhouse lawyers managing large trademark portfolios that used mainly manual and administrative processes while clients were not able to have transparency over trademark information. They saw a better way to manage trademark portfolios using technology.

How it works

The Markster platform is designed around the Dashboard that gives an overview of all trademarks in your portfolio. Inhouse legal teams can manage their corporate portfolio and external law firms can manage a range of client portfolios. Notifications advise the user what occurred since they last logged in. The Portfolio view lets users filter by status, country, word and image. Reporting enables users to download the up-to-date portfolio. Trademark page shows details for each relevant trademark. There is space to upload and download documents, write notes, create tasks, integrate with calendar – the Calendar overview shows all important dates. Law firms can also give clients access to their relevant trademarks and get instructions directly in the platform.


Clear and easy to use – little training required to start using, easy to on board new users, their clients and their portfolios

  • Visual interface “because trademarks are visual”

  • Portfolios of trademarks are listed

  • Records are automatically downloaded and real-time information is updated

  • Real-time, accurate global IP information, anywhere, anytime

  • Self-service on status updates and answers to straightforward issues

  • Automated workflows and reminders

  • Automated documents for standard tasks

  • Timelines and deadlines are listed

  • View protections and what is missing, enabling comprehensive protection strategy

  • Global fee calculator for applications and renewals

  • Domain monitoring for trademarks

  • Calendar can be integrated with own calendar

  • Communication can be integrated with Teams, Slack and Google Chat

  • Future features include search functions and watch lists.


  • Easily track and manage your intellectual property rights, anywhere, anytime

  • Centralised source for all trademark information

  • One stop for internal matter management

  • Automatically updated information across global trademarks

  • Reduced risk, cost and administrative burden of managing an IP portfolio

  • No need for manual processes and record keeping, so decreased risk of mistakes and inconsistencies

  • In a deadline driven area, limit missed deadlines

  • Self management enables reduced external legal costs.


Only covers trademarks.


Security cyber risk as with any cloud offering is present for confidential data moving beyond a law firm’s iternal systems.


A monthly subscription fee is charged according to the size and complexity of the IP portfolio. ■


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